Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What channel will chicharito play in manchester vs chivas?

I live in l.a. do you know if the game will be on espn or univision or telefutura?|||ESPN Deportes My Friend In About 45 Minutes

Update: 30 Minutes Now

Update #2: It's On Now, The Opening Ceremony For The Match|||in espen and telemundo|||ESPN Dude!!!

What will be the excuse when America beats Chivas on Sunday?

What excuse will chivistas come up with?|||Damn refs.|||Ja ja ja... that's funny. On the contrary Chivas knows how to lose. We will see who makes excuses for losing next monday and I can guarantee you it won't be Chivas. I can already tell all americacanistas will be saying they didn't have Ochoa as their goalie since some are saying he might not play because he got injured.|||Probably something stupid. its was all luck etc..dumb chivistas.|||idk but i dont want chivas to win cuz then theyll seperate farther apart from santos, pointswise|||...|||chivas excuse:we use cantera|||They didn't play our key player, the all mighty BOFO

How many goals will the forward (delanteros) from Chivas score to Amierdica?

El Clasico Mexicano will be an interesting game to watch. I already imagine the yellow chicken fans crying when they see how bad Amierdica looses.

Partido de Ida: Chivas vs Amierdica on Thursday November 30th at 7:00pm (pacific time).

Partido de Vuelta: Chivas vs Amierdica on Sunday December 3rd at 6:00pm (pacific time).|||3 goles bien echo|||uno de bofo, uno del venado, y el ultimo omar bravo.

america es pura mierda|||oh yeah? aver de acomo nos toca!!!|||pues los dos equipos vienen mas o menos, pero since el amierdica va por el empate yo pienso que la birria le anota lo maximo de un gol. Por el bofo. (y con suerte)|||unos 3 o 4 pero se los tenemos que meter en el primer tiempo porque las huilas mejoran en el segundo tiempo|||honestamente just 2 o 3 the two games but america will score the same score global 3-3

Who do you think will win the super clasico between club America and chivas this Sunday at estadio azteca?

I personally think America will win what about you?|||I'm so sorry but Chivas Is gonna win. what about a tie??? I gotta to admit it but America is a pretty good team. Good luck to both teams. GO CHIVAS!!!!!!|||Chivas 3-1|||wtf chivas 3 1 thow memo is in top of his game|||chivas a webooooooooo|||i think america is gonna win hahahahaha SIKE CHIVAS is gonna win for sure:D|||Club america|||well I think that America is going to win because america has a lot of estranjeros. Chivas better be careful with cabanas because a dangerous striker.|||america 'cause chivas is getting eliminated from la sudamericana they're going to be pretty sad and chivas is not going to play good.

it's just my opinion i'm not americanista|||America is going to win. Chivas couldn't even beat Arsenal at home!! HAHA Viva America!|||America va ganar 3-1..Arriba Las Aguilas...|||Both are doing pretty bad for america ochoa is the one saving thier asses and chivas aint playing so good I say chivas wins

I dont like neither one of them

Arriba el TOLUCA|||chivas gonin to win 2-0 bravo with a goal|||The best team of mexican football will win this game

AMERICA|||Chivas|||EL AMERICA papa yo creo q si!!!

ARRIBA EL AMERICA!!!!|||america of course

chivas are losers|||I THINK THAT CHIVAS IS GOING TO WIN... THEY ARE THE BEST|||Chivas!|||Chivas|||100% agree with you America will win 2-1 is all about America not Chivas.

What will be the final score in the game Chivas or Pachuca?

Chivas and Pachuca will compete this Saturday February 3rd at 3:00 pm (pacific time). Last time Chivas won and this time it will be the same. I believe Bravo, Medina, and Morales will each score a goal. Go Chivas, f**k the haters!!!!!|||i unno bro, this time it cood be diff..Pachuca are the champs of Sudamerica and Chivas jus champs of mexico...iunno, i go 2 Chivas no doubt buh it'l b a tuff game still|||Chivas will win 2-0|||2-0|||Chivas will win 4 zero|||CANT BELIEVE U R A CHIVAS FAN I HATE THEM WELL I DONT KNOW HOPE CHIVAS WONT WIN HAHAHA J/K|||fdgsgfdfdgfd|||F*ck we lost 1-0......................... doesn't matter though even the greatest fall once in a while.................. this is just a small rock in our road to be bi-campeones!


What would be the fun if I have tequila other than JD, Chivas, red or black lable or Bacardi?

The thing is I've never had tequila before so Im curious after seeing people drinking it in the movies.|||Tequila is a good drink for some, but not so good for others. It does have a burn to it when you are taking shots. Your own taste comes into play with this concept because of the fact of....if you dont like the taste of tequila you will not enjoy your experience with it. If you havenever tried tequila before start off slow, try it in a mixed drink such as a tequila sunrise {tequila, orange juice, and grenadine}, or a margarita. Either of these choices will give you a feel for tequila without just jumping into shots. I hope that this was of some help and if you have any other questions please feel free to ask!!!|||Pepe Lopez is a good brand of tequila but I would suggest using something like Jose' Quervo for the mixed drinks if at all possible

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|||None of the liquors you named are tequilas. They are sour mash whiskey, scotch whiskys, and rum in that order. Patron is a good tequila, but its pretty expensive.

Where can i watch sounders vs Chivas live on computer for fee with good quality?

?|||Watch live football online for free at

www.live-footy.org|||it is too late for live now, shouldn't have any problems watching the highlights on youtube.

for future reference, there is a pirate MLS section in the french football (soccer) section|||This is how I watch MLS games that are not on ESPN2 or FOX Soccer Channel:


Its not free, but you can't go wrong. The entire MLS season for $19.95.

Join MLS fans in the French Soccer Section.|||justin.tv